Blog #57 – – “Public” opinion and the innocent media.

Blog #57 – “Public” opinion and the innocent media. N. Gregory Mankiw, professor of economics at Harvard. writes: “Media owners generally do not try to mold the population to their own brand of politics. Instead, like other business owners, they maximize profit by giving customers what they want.” “These findings speak well of the marketplace. […]

Blog #48 – Writing About Inequality

To the Editor, The New York Times, (re: Changed Life of the Poor: Better Off,but Far Behind”.. (Front page, May 1, 2014)  A researcher is quoted as saying: “the poor are better off than they were… but they have also drifted further away.” “Drifted away,” indeed! The story says: “…the poor have fallen further behind.” […]

Blog #37 – Lopsided Language

Loaded Language Language is a political tool. That’s generally recognized.  What speakers mean when they use words like “freedom,” “security,” “justice,” or “democracy” says a great deal about where they stand politically, and such terms are deliberately used for their political effect. It may not be immediately apparent on which side of what argument the […]