Personal – moving, contact, invite

Friends,                                                                                 November 3, 2017 Big family news, and a double invite: We are moving from Waterbury to a Continuum of Care retirement community in Santa Barbara, Calif, . It was a big decision, with a lot of ambivalence. We’ve lived in Waterbury over 60 years, raised our three children here, Peter has practiced law here, […]

Blog #99 – “Winning” – Is It Really Desirable?

**** Blog #99 – “Winning” – Is It Really Socially Desirable? [1] A society that writes “WINNING” on its banner tramples on any goal of equality. “Winning” in most usages (in Neo-Lib language [2] by definition produces losers; that is its goal. Yet society exists, and governments are created, to implement, the belief that all […]