Government Workers Appreciation Day

To the editor, Isn’t it time for a Government Workers Appreciation Day? We often are dismayed by what’s wrong with government: inefficiency, high costs, big deficits, pressure on our taxes. But we sometimes phrase that as “them against us,” government taking money out of our pockets for their multifarious purposes. But government is, in the […]

Who IS Responsible for Loughlin Shooting Gifford?

  Analyzing the shooting of Gabby Gifford and its relationship to political rhetoric, it is useful to divide the issues into three Did political rhetoric bring Jared Loughlin to attempt to kill Gabby Gifford? Answer: No. Jared Loughlin was mentally unbalanced, and had a potential to commit violent acts as such, whose targets might have […]

Gaby Gifford shooting

Is the Tea Party to Blame for Gabrielle Gifford’s Shooting? Does “the tea party” share responsibility for the murder of Gabrielle Gifford? No; the majority of its members are honest, sincere, people, concerned about family values, worried about their economic security and sometimes their physical safety, troubled by the direction government is going in and […]