I use this blog to post short, usually about 7-8 page, pieces dealing with current political issues, often around housing, the Occupy and Right to the City movements, or reactions to current news.
I am not a master of formatting in a blog; for instance, I don’t think footnotes come through here. If anyone wants a clean version of the original of any blog as an attachment, e-mail me. I don’t check comments as often as I should, but will try.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. In your recent blog post re: Occupy Wall St, the following was observed:

    “The attached argues:

    Four alternative futures confront the movement:

    Be co-opted
    Focus on specific immediate reforms
    Go for non-reformist reforms
    Push for revolution. ”

    I count those as five alt futures, bro!

  2. Peter: This is in response to your Tonto joke and your comment that language matters. This is an old joke and I told it in the barracks when I was a draftee in the army back in the late fifties. I said the punch line, “What do you mean, what do we do, white man.” One of my buddies was a black man. He took great offense at that line. I had no idea that it would have any resonance outside the context of the joke. Now I understand very well why he got pissed. So you have inadvertently confirmed that it is important to be sensitive to words and language.



  3. Hello, sorry I’m not sure how to email you. I am in London doing a PhD that includes a discussion of displacement, I am not able to access your seminal essay (Marcuse, P. (1985a) ‘Gentrification, abandonment and displacement: connections, causes and policy responses in New York City’, Journal of Urban and Contemporary Law 28, pp. 195–240. ) – I wonder if it might be possible to access it directly from you. So sorry to bother you. very best wishes, Debbie

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