I use this blog to post short, usually about 7-8 page, pieces dealing with current political issues, often around housing, the Occupy and Right to the City movements, or reactions to current news.
I am not a master of formatting in a blog; for instance, I don’t think footnotes come through here. If anyone wants a clean version of the original of any blog as an attachment, e-mail me. I don’t check comments as often as I should, but will try.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, sorry I’m not sure how to email you. I am in London doing a PhD that includes a discussion of displacement, I am not able to access your seminal essay (Marcuse, P. (1985a) ‘Gentrification, abandonment and displacement: connections, causes and policy responses in New York City’, Journal of Urban and Contemporary Law 28, pp. 195–240. ) – I wonder if it might be possible to access it directly from you. So sorry to bother you. very best wishes, Debbie

  2. Peter: This is in response to your Tonto joke and your comment that language matters. This is an old joke and I told it in the barracks when I was a draftee in the army back in the late fifties. I said the punch line, “What do you mean, what do we do, white man.” One of my buddies was a black man. He took great offense at that line. I had no idea that it would have any resonance outside the context of the joke. Now I understand very well why he got pissed. So you have inadvertently confirmed that it is important to be sensitive to words and language.



  3. In your recent blog post re: Occupy Wall St, the following was observed:

    “The attached argues:

    Four alternative futures confront the movement:

    Be co-opted
    Focus on specific immediate reforms
    Go for non-reformist reforms
    Push for revolution. ”

    I count those as five alt futures, bro!

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