Blog #50 – Inclusionary Zoning: Good and Bad

Blog #50 – Inclusionary Zoning: Do’s and Do-not’s. — [Slightly revised version incorporated in Blog #53, Density, Inclusionary Zoning, Housing Planning: Cautions on de Blasio’s Plan] Inclusionary housing can lead to neighborhoods further functionally segregated by race and income, if not controlled, and can be an inefficient use of governmental subsidies if provided.Inclusionary housing only […]

Blog #49 Picketty, Leonhardt, and Market Economics

  Blog #49 draft Picketty, Leonhardt, and Market Economics David Leonhardt writes: “What is it about market economies that typically causes the assets and incomes of the rich to rise more rapidly than those of everyone else?”[1] Picketty’s First Law of Inequality explains some – they accrue capital, invest, it,and benefit from the return on […]

Blog #48 – Writing About Inequality

To the Editor, The New York Times, (re: Changed Life of the Poor: Better Off,but Far Behind”.. (Front page, May 1, 2014)  A researcher is quoted as saying: “the poor are better off than they were… but they have also drifted further away.” “Drifted away,” indeed! The story says: “…the poor have fallen further behind.” […]