Blog 93 – Election figures show Trump with only 27.2% of eligible voters: a Negative Mandate.

Donald Trump aimed his New Year’s Eve tweet at “my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do.” Leaving aside the incredibly childish gloating over “his enemies,” from someone who occasionally talks about “bringing our nation together,” has Trump’s staff succeeded in keeping from […]

Blog #92b – Effective Votes per Voter, Trump vs. Clinton Electoral College vs. National Popular

Blog #92b – Effective Votes per Voter, Trump vs. Clinton   Electoral College vs. National Popular 62,000,000 actual votes result in 306 Electoral College  votes, for Trump 64,000,000 actual votes result in 232 Electoral College votes fir Clinton  306 electoral college votes divided b 62,000,000 voters =  0.000004935 EC votes per voter for Trump Thus 232 […]

Blog #92a – Electoral Reform: Outing the 1%

Blog #92a – Electoral Reform: Outing the 1% [Supplement to Blog #92 –  Electoral Politics 2016 and Electoral Reform] Dealing with the implications of Donald Trump’s victory by pushing for reforms in the way presidents are elected may seem a very mild way to face what are certainly immediate as well as long-range problems ,. […]

Blog #91: Explaining the Election – preliminary

Explaining the election (in parentheses: to pursue): A critical shift in the organization of the economy post 1968, from industrial to hi-tech capitalism (occupational structures?). Leaving many dependent on the old economy hurt and at a loss, largely the white working class, hold-over racism and sexism accentuated as scapegoats. (foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies, struggling suburban homeowners […]

Blog #90b – Trump the Businessman in the New Post-Industrial Economy: The Commodification of Luxury

Blog #90b – Trump the Businessman in the New Post-Industrial Economy:  The Commodification of Luxury [Last pre-election blog — voting now is critical! More afterwards…] Major economic and social developments in the Deep Real Economy have underlain Trump’s success as a Businessman. In these developments profit is derived not primarily from within industrial production, as […]