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Terms that implicitly connote a very laoded political or economic view.

Blog #46 – The Ethics of Gentrification, Social and Personal

The Ethics of Gentrification, Social and Personal Gentrification is an ethical problem. At the societal level, it is a problem of social justice. At that level, some quite clear guidelines for an ethical approach can be developed. At the individual … Continue reading

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Blog # 45 – Consensus on Inequality Unlikely

Consensus on Inequality Unlikely It’s good to call attention to the shameful way in which our economy exploits the poor and how inadequately our government responds to the problem.[1] But calling the problem “poverty” focuses on just half of the … Continue reading

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Blog #44 – Poverty or Inequality: What’s the Problem?

Poverty or Inequality: What’s the Problem? The language in the slogans used to address what most see as the basic social problem in the United States varies significantly. The key terms run from “war on poverty” to “ladders of opportunity” … Continue reading

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Blo #42 – Neither Austerity Nor Affluence, but Abundance

Austerity, Abundance, or Affluence: Visions for a Post-Scarcity World AUSTERITY, ABUNDANCE, OR AFFLUENCE: VISIONS FOR A POST-SCARCITY WORLD Is ending poverty really the limit of our ambitions for a good society? Is equality really the right measure of our ultimate … Continue reading

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Blog #37 – Lopsided Language

Loaded Language Language is a political tool. That’s generally recognized.  What speakers mean when they use words like “freedom,” “security,” “justice,” or “democracy” says a great deal about where they stand politically, and such terms are deliberately used for their … Continue reading

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Blog #36 – A humorous parable of democracy

[another world] “It comes from a very ancient democracy, you see….” “You mean, it comes from a world of lizards?” “No,” said Ford, who by this time was a little more rational and coherent than he had been, having finally … Continue reading

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Blog #35 – Watch your language, Krugman and the Rest of “Us.”

Watch your language, Krugman and the Rest  of “Us.” Paul Krugman, a favorite of mine, in writing about the present currency crisis in the New York Times, August 30, 2013,[1] brings to mind an old joke:  The Lone Ranger and … Continue reading

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Blog #28: Sandy, Housing, the Market, and the State’s Planning Response

Blog #28: Sandy, Housing, the Market, and the State’s Planning Response The attempt by government to mix the public and private market response to disasters such as Sandy, or indeed to mix the two in dealing with the crisis in … Continue reading

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#1. Occupy’s 1% and its Wall Street

#1. Occupy’s 1% and its Wall Street Who are the 1% in real life? On the one hand, they are real people, doing real things, affecting other people. On the other hand, they are players in a game not of … Continue reading

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Social Capital

Bourdieu was very clear: social capital augments the power of holders of real capital. It is class-related, and appropriately ancillary to real capital. Putnam and conformist writers use it to pretend people who don’t have real capital are not so … Continue reading

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